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Puppy Starter Kit Bundle

Puppy Starter Kit Bundle

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Ease your new puppy's transition to their forever home with our New Puppy Starter Kit. This bundle contains Probiotic Coated Kibble, Chicken & Rice Bland Diet, Probiotic & Calming Supplements, and our Anti-Diarrhea Liquid. It has everything you need for a puppy to adjust to their new environment and diet.
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So, you just adopted a puppy? Well, we know you’ve got your hands full, and that’s why we created our new pup bundle. These products will not only help your puppy transition to their new forever home, they will also prepare you for any potential digestive issues along the way, promoting a healthy pet and a happy home!

Oceanfish & Ancient Grains Probiotic Coated Kibble:  Get your pup off to a great start with our daily diet that’s specially formulated to promote overall health and wellness.

  • Loaded with lean proteins from Pacific whitefish, and rich in nutrients from ancient grains
  • Coated with probiotics to promote optimal digestion, and bone broth, a tasty source of collagen for healthy joints
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil and flaxseed
  • Free of wheat, gluten, corn, and soy, and 100% poultry-free, making it ideal for puppies with food sensitivities or allergies

 Learn more about our perfect puppy kibble formula here.

Chicken & Rice Bland Diet: Our best-selling bland diet was specifically developed to sooth the digestive tract during times of stomach upset.

  • A freeze dried formula that’s ready in minutes making it super convenient and easy to use
  • Contains a proprietary blend of electrolytes to promote hydration and energy
  • For use in times of stomach upset or to transition a pup to their new daily diet

Anti-Diarrhea Liquid: Our vet formulated Anti-Diarrhea Liquid helps to quickly firm stools and soothe your puppy's upset stomach.

  • Helps alleviate discomfort, irritation, and cramping associated with diarrhea in puppies
  • Kaolin and Pectin aid in reducing gas and diarrhea by absorbing bacteria and toxins from the intestinal tract

Calming Soft Chews: Our vet-formulated chews are a natural blend supplement developed to help keep your puppy feeling calm and relaxed.

  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety, making them ideal for a puppy transitioning to a new home 
  • Contains Chamomile and L-theanine to encourage sleep and relaxation, and ginger to ease a nervous tummy
  • The amino acid, L-tryptophan, aids in boosting serotonin for a balanced mood  

Probiotic Supplement Soft Chews: Our Probiotic Soft Chews support normal appetite, digestion, and healthy gut in puppies and dogs.

  • Contains live (viable) beneficial bacteria for healthy gut
  • Helps to support optimal digestion and appetite
  • Aids in promoting a healthy immune system for over-all well being

All Under the Weather products are vet formulated, vet recommended and manufactured in the USA.

This is a great gift for friends with a new puppy or dog! 

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