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Our Tale

Our Tale...

Under the Weather® was inspired by our founder’s dog, Ruffy, a Wheaten Terrier. In the summer of 2012, Ruffy had stomach issues and made quite the mess of the house! A quick trip to the vet, and they were on their way home with antibiotics and instructions to cook white rice and white meat chicken. Kyla (our founder) had a meeting that afternoon and was very tight on time, but she wanted to prepare the food for Ruffy because she hadn't eaten in two days.

The day was a hot one. Almost 90 degrees. Kyla couldn't go to the grocery store with Ruffy because it was far too hot to leave her in the car! She needed to drive all the way home, drop Ruffy off, and go to the store so she could buy and cook the recipe.

It was at that moment Kyla thought, why don't vets and pet stores sell a bland diet product? Now, with Under the Weather® Bland Diets, you can easily serve your sick dog high-quality cooked rice and premium meats whenever you need to give them a bland diet to calm their digestion.

Now, we have expanded beyond Bland Diets. We are focused on providing premium wellness products for both dogs and cats that are easy to use, convenient and made with the highest quality ingredients. 

Who We Are & Who We're Not

We are animal lovers who understand that our pets are family members. We are not veterinarians. The information we provide on this website and the products we create are not intended to diagnose or treat illness in your pet. We urge anyone with a sick pet to consult with their vet for an evaluation.