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Travel Bundle For Dogs

Traveling can be stressful for your furbaby. Try our new travel pack for on-the-go dogs and make your trip easier. Calming Soft Chews, A Bland Diet Food and Ready Balance Probiotic Stool Firmer are the “must have” products when you are on the road with your dog or puppy.

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Overall Health
Promotes Relaxation
Vet Formulated

Bringing your best friend on vacation? Some pups travel just fine, while others suffer through motion sickness, backseat diarrhea, non-stop panting, and misbehavior, among other issues. Be prepared with our travel aid bundle for dogs. 

2 Pack of Chicken & Rice Bland Diet: A pouch to get you there and a pouch to get you home. Our best-selling bland diet can be used to help soothe the digestive tract during times of stress and motion sickness. Our bland diets are conveniently freeze-dried for ease of use while on the road and visiting new places. Our bland diet contains a proprietary blend of electrolytes including potassium and sodium, which are essential to keeping proper hydration and energy levels. When your pet gets sick, its body tends to become depleted of these important electrolytes. We use the highest quality ingredients to ensure that your pup is getting the best while they are traveling. 

Ready Balance Probiotic Gel: Our Ready Balance Gel Supplement is FILLED with healthy probiotics and prebiotics to promote firm stools. This supplement for dogs helps maintain proper gut health, appetite, and digestion. Ready Balance is vet recommended to help keep your dog well during times of high stress, such as traveling or moving to a new area.

Calming Chews: Many dogs experience high levels of stress and anxiety when traveling in cars or airplanes. Our calming soft chews support relaxation, balanced behavior and the normal emotional balance of your pup. Thiamine supports normal nervous system function, L-Theanine promotes relaxation and sleep, and L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid, is converted to serotonin once absorbed. 

All Under the Weather products are vet formulated, vet recommended and manufactured in the USA.