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Ready Cal For Cats

Ready Cal contains concentrated calories to give your cat a boost without requiring him to eat more food. Our easy to use high-calorie supplement contains calories from salmon oil for a healthy addition to your cat’s diet, and is packed with the necessary minerals and vitamins for cats to gain weight.

"He would have died without the nutrition from this product... I would recommend this to anyone who needs to get extra nutrition into their kitty. I am certain that it helped save my precious boy."

Reasons a cat may stop eating

Illness - Kidney Disease / Cancer

Lost Sense of Smell/Taste

Dental Problems

Internal Obstruction

Stress and Anxiety

Old Age

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My extremely finicky cat with cancer will happily eat this. This is keeping his weight up and allowing my family to get extra time with him, which is priceless.

Why a High Calorie Supplement?

Weight loss can quickly lead to malnutrition and further health issues. Adding a high-calorie supplement will help provide essential calories your cat needs daily to gain or maintain a healthy weight. A supplement can also help to stimulate your cat’s appetite and boost their energy.