The Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Office

The Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Office

According to the ASPCA, “23 million American households acquired a pet during the pandemic.”

Now that many of us are going back to work, we are trying to figure out how to deal with a dog that is used to being home with us 24/7, and has never known anything else.

Some people are lucky enough to continue working from home, but if that is not an option, and going back to a 5-day work week is necessitated, being able to bring your dog with you has many benefits for both pets AND people!

Dog Owners Love a Pet-Friendly Office! 

Of course, bringing your pet to work will make your life easier in many ways, especially if you have a dog.

Exercise! Being able to walk your dog on your lunch break, or even whenever it’s convenient, means you won’t have to arrive home after a long work day to a dog that is desperate for attention and exercise.

Having the time during the day to exercise your dog is helpful, but so is having the time to exercise yourself! Your dog may be the reason you get outside to walk, jog, or run, but just being active can help you to stay more fit and healthy.

A Pet-Friendly Office is Awesome for All Employees

It’s pretty obvious why a pet-friendly office is helpful for dogs and their owners, but we should also note how beneficial they can be for everyone, even those who do not own a pet. 

Pets, and dogs in particular, have so much to offer us therapeutically. They have a natural ability to instill calmness, while also promoting happiness and pure joy!

They not only lower stress and anxiety, they also reduce, and even prevent unnecessary tension within the work environment.  

When differences arise, just the presence of a dog in the office can have the ability to diffuse the situation before it can escalate. This in turn promotes camaraderie among employees, leading to more thoughtful and respectful interactions.

How a Pet-Friendly Office Can Benefit Your Business 

According to the statistics, when people are allowed to bring their pets to work, they are happier overall, and typically rate their job satisfaction level higher. 

Studies also show that pets facilitate bonding between employees by creating a more relaxed and comfortable work environment. And it should go without saying that when people are happy with their job, and enjoy their daily work environment, they will be more productive.

In addition, it has been shown that pet-friendly businesses may even be more successful and prosperous, simply because clients feel more relaxed and at ease in the presence of an animal. 

How to Create a Pet Friendly Office

For those of us who are pet owners and animal people, other than due to allergies, it’s hard to understand why someone would not want to be around our dogs. But often it’s simply because they have never been exposed to pets, or animals in general. 

Many people can relate to this, and will tell you that the first time they bonded with an animal, it changed them, even altering their lives in a powerful way.  

If you are a business owner who is contemplating a pet-friendly office, here are some things to consider:

  • Ask your current employees to share their thoughts on transitioning to a pet-friendly office. 
  • Consider an anonymous survey so that people feel comfortable expressing an honest opinion.
  • Be sure to mitigate risk. If you do not own the space, you will need to obtain permission from your landlord to allow pets in the building, as well as addressing any steps required under their insurer in regards to risk.
  • Set up safety measures to ensure pets are safe, and cannot escape.
  • Lastly, have plenty of treats on hand!!!

The good news is, employers are far more pet friendly now, than at any time in the past.

And with some of the largest companies in the country leading the way by tapping into the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace, there is no doubt that this trend will continue to grow. 

"Dogs are always in a good mood, so they make the office more enjoyable!" - Glenn Griesser, VP Operations, Under the Weather Pet 

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