June kicks off the start of summer, but is also the time for many natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, flooding and wildfires. Let’s kick off National Pet Preparedness Month by making sure we’re ready to protect our beloved pets against the dangers in case of an emergency.


In most cases we get some forewarning about a natural disaster headed our way. But not always, or those times may be filled with preparations for your other family members. So, it would be a good practice to organize yourself ahead of time, leaving a list handy for the last-minute items.

What should your preparedness kit consist of?

  • A 3-10 day supply of your dog’s regular food, bottles of water and food/water dishes. For stressful times such as an emergency, your dog may experience temporary vomiting or diarrhea. Veterinarians often recommend a “bland diet” to settle their digestive systems. A shelf stable, freeze-dried bland diet such as those offered by Under the Weather® would also be a good item to include.
  • Your dog’s medications and current immunization records. The medications might be a last-minute item, so be sure to include those on your list.
  • A first aid kit to take care of any injuries that may occur during the emergency. For a comprehensive list of items, both basic and pet-specific items, see our related blog: Could You Save Your Dog’s Life?
  • A photo of your dog with you in the picture will help reunite you with your dog in case you get separated. Include a list of the local dog shelters, emergency care centers and veterinarians in your preparedness kit.
  • A leash and collar to keep your dog by your side during the emergency. Your dog’s pet carrier will help transport him to safety, as well as provide a safe zone during the stressful event.
  • A supply of sanitary items such as poop bags and sanitary wipes for accidents.
  • A list of pet-friendly places you can stay during the disaster. Make sure these hotels will accommodate your dog’s size or multiple pets.
  • A few of your dog’s toys and a blanket with familiar scents.

It’s a common expression “better to be safe than sorry,” but in the case of the safety and protection of our family members, it’s a saying that never gets old.

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