From the moment you start decorating your home for the holidays, your dog is sitting up and taking notice. If he has a vivid memory from years past, he may be anticipating what's coming next ...

  • My pet parents will be gone a lot attending holiday parties or shopping for gifts. Our walking schedule will be hit or miss until after the holidays.
  • Aunt Sally and her two demon children will be spending a few days. Their non-stop “play with me, play with me” will interrupt my napping schedule.
  • Picture taking time will involve putting silly reindeer antlers on, and those headbands hurt my head!
  • Food snacks will be placed on the table right in front of my nose. Naturally tempted, I’ll take a sniff, only to get scolded to leave the food alone.
  • The doorbell will be going off nonstop, and when I protect the family by barking, I’ll get yelled at to go lay down. But they moved my bed to make room for guest chairs.
  • The aromas from the kitchen will put me in a frenzy to beg and beg until Uncle Harry gives in on the sly. All is good until my tummy starts to act up, and I’ll have to get outside ASAP before I explode!

Whether your dog's memory serves to predict upcoming events, or if old memories are replaced with new surprises, these stressors can turn your naturally calm dog into a bundle of frazzled nerves.

Dealing with Your Dog’s Digestive Health

Stress can cause your dog’s digestion to go haywire, and they can experience a temporary spell of vomiting or diarrhea. How do you cope? What do you feed your sick dog?

Veterinarians often recommend feeding a “bland diet” to settle their digestive tracts while the healing process begins. The main ingredients in a bland diet are a starch such as white rice, and a non-greasy protein such as chicken. The white rice is easy on the digestive system and it helps to firm up a loose stool, while the chicken adds palatability and gives your dog the nutrition he needs while healing.

Once your dog’s digestive system heals and his stool returns to normal, you can start to wean him back to his normal daily food which contains all the vitamins and minerals he requires.

Pre-Holiday Planning

You may be too busy to cook when your dog requires a bland diet. We suggest having a few bags of Under the Weather® freeze-dried bland diets in your cupboard, just in case. This award-winning line of bland food for dogs offers a quick and convenient solution – no more cooking, just add water to rehydrate the ingredients into a mouthwatering meal for your dog.

Our bland diet recipes are made with 100% human-grade meats – no meat by-products, antibiotic free and no hormones added! They are gluten free and have no chemicals or dyes. Sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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