How to Save Money on Pets

How to Save Money on Pets

Animals enrich our lives in so many ways. Along with all the joys pet ownership brings, it also comes with a lot of responsibility.
One of the largest factors to consider when learning how to care for animals is the overall cost. Before taking on a new pet, keep in mind how you plan to budget for their care. In addition to the cost of feeding, grooming, toys, and supplies, vet visits for both routine care and for the unexpected must factor in.
Pets become our family members, but ownership is certainly not inexpensive. In the information below, we will go over some ideas for saving money that will not compromise the level of care you provide your furbabies.

Pet Insurance

Consider purchasing pet health insurance to have as a back-up in case of injury or illness. Alternatively, if you are good at budgeting and a disciplined saver, you can also start a savings account dedicated to unexpected pet medical bills.

Some pet insurance companies also offer plans that cover well visits including checkups and vaccines. A note about vaccines, be sure to work closely with your vet when vaccinating your pets. Many vaccines no longer need to be administered as often as was once considered standard.

Vet Selection

Although the ultimate goal should be to develop a good relationship with your vet, it is sometimes possible to find someone who is less expensive, perhaps someone working out a smaller facility with less overhead. You might find someone willing to work with you if you are experiencing financial difficulties.
Keep an eye out for promotions. Some vets offer monthly discounts like 20% off all teeth cleanings in the month of February, or discounts for families with multiple pets.
When it comes to prescriptions, ask your vet to send it to an online pharmacy where they offer significantly lower prices.

Keep Your Pets Healthy

An obvious and easy way to avoid possible vet bills is to take steps to keep your cats and dogs as healthy as you can
Investing in high-quality food can benefit your pet’s overall health, keeping them out of the Vet’s office and extending their lives. Adding supplements is also a great way to further promote health wellbeing. 
And of course, one of the easiest ways to encourage your pets to live long healthy lives is regular exercise and lots of play. Best of all, it’s free! Just as it is with people, keeping your pets at a healthy weight can have a huge impact on staving off all kinds of medical problems.

Basic Training

Basic training for dogs is essential for several reasons. It is important for the obvious behavior skills they will learn, but it this is where you and your new dog or puppy will begin to bond
Whether you have budgeted for this and hire a professional, and/or take a local class, or decide to take on training yourself using books and online tools, establishing basic behavior rules could save you a great amount of aggravation and money down the road when an untrained dog becomes a problem dog.

Pet-Proof and Be Prepared

Avoid unnecessary trips to the vet by making your home safe. Keep your trash, recycles, cleaning supplies, chemicals, and any medications out of the reach of your pets.
If your pets go outside, make sure to have a safe and secure enclosure and make sure they have proper identification, including tags and microchips.
Be prepared for minor injuries like paw pad tears with a basic first aid kit. 

Saving Money on Food and Pet Supplies

If you have friends or family with pets, try combining orders so you can buy in bulk. Typically buying in bulk is cheaper and will often offer free shipping.
Make your own pet toys! This website provides many great ideas for DIY toys you can easily make at home.
Have a “squeaker killer”? Buy a package of squeakers on Amazon and sew them into the toys you already have.

Do It Yourself

Learning to care for dogs, cats, and other animals, whether you are a beginner or even someone experienced can help you save money.
Brushing your pets regularly helps not only remove dirt, excess hair, and prevent tangles, it also distributes natural oils promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat.
Due to their hair, some dog and cat breeds require grooming on a regular basis, which can really add up. Learning how to provide basic grooming at home, including bathing and nail trimming is a great way to save some money, and luckily there are many types of useful products available online to help with these tasks.

With some knowledge, planning, and creativity, it is possible to keep a little money in your pocket while still providing all the love and care your pets need and deserve!

Healthy Pet – Happy Home!

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