Emergency Kit & Covid-19 Pet Preparedness

Emergency Kit & Covid-19 Pet Preparedness

Having a preparedness kit and a plan in place for your pets is always recommended, but during an international pandemic, it’s more important than ever.

Whether you have a personal emergency that takes you away from home unexpectedly, or you find yourself dealing with a sudden pet injury or illness, there are some simple, yet very important steps you can take to ensure their safety.

Make a Plan

  1. Designate at least one person as an emergency contact. Ideally, having multiple people who you can trust is best. Perhaps a neighbor can step in to provide daily care, while a close friend or relative is responsible for making any necessary health decisions for your pets on your behalf.
  2. If possible, have at least two weeks of food and medication available.
  3. If your cat or dog requires daily medication, provide clear and detailed directions for administering.
  4. Be sure to write out a feeding schedule, as well as any other important instructions so that caring for your pets in your absence is as easy as possible.
  5. Provide a list with your local vet’s contact info, along with the contact info and address of the closest emergency vet.
  6. Have your pet’s vaccination and medical records easily accessible.
  7. Make sure all identification information is up to date, including tags and microchips.
  8. Fill out this form and provide copies to your emergency contacts as well as leaving copies in your home where they are easy to locate. You may also wish to share this form with your local animal control and/or rescue organization.
  9. Place signs at all entries stating how many animals are inside your home. You want to make sure first responders and animal control can easily find this vital information, should you be unexpectedly away from your home.


Get Trained

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do for our pets is to learn how to help them in the event of a sudden injury or illness.

Would you know what to do if your pet had a seizure, or went into cardiac arrest? Would you know how to perform the Heimlich if they were choking? Not only can this information save their lives, but just knowing you have the necessary skills to deal with an emergency situation will give you piece of mind.

And the good news is, learning pet first aid and CPR has never been easier! The Red Cross offers certification classes at many of its locations. They also offer an online training video, that although not as comprehensive as their 4-hour certification course, still covers a lot of important information. 

Many shelters also offer classes, check with your local Humane Society, ASPCA, or other pet organizations.

Pet Preparedness Kit

It’s very important to have a preparedness kit in case of a natural disaster, or any other type of unexpected emergencies that may affect you or your pets.

Here is a list of items you should include in your kit:

A basic first aid kit that includes: bandages, gauze, cotton balls, tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, towel, and an antimicrobial wound spray to treat cuts, sores or rashes. 

Your pet’s food, medications, identification, medical records and vet contact information.

Fresh water, travel bowls, collar, leash, flashlight, blanket/bed, and a favorite toy for comfort.

If you are preparing for a possible evacuation due to a natural disaster, be sure to bring your pet’s crate and bedding.

Have some over the counter remedies for any unexpected digestive issues. An anti-diarrheal medication can quickly firm stools, while a fast-acting probiotic gel  can provide quick relief during times of extreme digestive upset.

Being prepared with a bland diet, especially when traveling, is always a good idea and it has never been easier with Under the Weather’s freeze-dried bland diets. Just add boiling water!

During a stressful situation, having a calming product for your pet can be super helpful. Reduce anxiety and promote relaxation with calming chews, available with and without CBD.  

Always be prepared for the unexpected - Make Under the Weather’s Be Ready! Bundle part of your dog’s preparedness kit, and keep your pup feeling calm, happy, and healthy.

You never know when you may experience a personal emergency that takes you away from your pets unexpectedly, and you can’t predict when you may confront a sudden illness or injury of a pet that requires immediate and swift action. 

But being prepared for such events is something you can do, and it can make all the difference, even save lives.

If you have not already done so, show your pets how much you love them, and ensure their health, safety and happiness by always being prepared for the unexpected.


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