How to Get Your Dog To Take Their Medication

How to Get Your Dog To Take Their Medication

Whether it’s just a helpful supplement, or a lifesaving medication, most dog owners will inevitably encounter times where their fur babies need to take “pills”.
If you are lucky enough to have a pup who is very food oriented, this may be no problem at all, but if you have a picky eater, or a dog who is not food oriented, getting meds into them may present more of a challenge.

Why is My Dog Being Difficult About Taking Pills?

There are many reasons your dog may be protesting their pills, and let’s face it, medication is not exactly appealing.

    1. Your dog is not food-oriented- These dogs are typically more discriminating about what they want to eat, aka, picky eaters! Dogs that are very food oriented will often swallow the pill whole if it is given in conjunction with a treat, but dogs who are not that into food will turn their nose up at it.
    2. Your dog is in pain – Your dog may have always been a great eater and, very food oriented, but all that can change if they are in acute pain due to an injury, or even chronic pain from something like arthritis.
    3. Your dog is dealing with an illness or disease – Illness and disease can cause dogs to exhibit changes in behavior and routine. You may notice a decline in their appetite, something that is most likely a result of not feeling well. But even a minor loss of interest in food can make administering medication more difficult. 

How Can I Encourage My Dog to Take Pills?

If your dog is a fast eater, you can try hiding a pill in their food. If they don’t actually chew their food, there’s a very good chance they will never notice the pill! But many will cleverly eat their entire meal leaving only the pill at the bottom of the dish.

  1. If your dog is food oriented, you can try crushing the medication into their food, or cutting into small pieces. IMPORTANT! Before you cut or crush a pill, consult with your vet to make sure it is ok to do so. Some meds should never be crushed or broken into pieces for several reasons, including a reduction of effectiveness.
  2. For some dogs, combining pills and food backfires. When a dog detects a taste they dislike, they will avoid it, and if it is in their food, they may avoid eating. It is for this reason that many experts will tell you to keep meds and meals separate.
  3. Put the pill at the back of your dog’s tongue and hold their chin up to encourage them to swallow. Some dogs will let you open their mouth, others will fight it, or not allow it at all.
  4. Try using a pill dispenser. Sometimes called a pill gun, a pill shooter, or a piller, a pill dispenser is a basically a pill syringe that quickly shoots the pill to the back of your dog’s throat. You should then hold their chin up for a few seconds, just as you would if you were using your hand to administer the pill.
  5. Try wrapping the pill in enticing foods like deli meats, cheese, or peanut butter to disguise the medication. Be sure to prepare several pieces of whatever food you are using without medication in it and feed these first. This will help to trick your dog into eating the one with the pill. Of course, as well as being messy, it can be difficult to mold food around a pill.

Pill Wrap For Dogs 

Pill Wrap for dogs  provides a convenient, non-messy solution for hiding all types of pills, including medications, vitamins, and supplements. It can even be used to create a pocket for hiding liquid medications.

Simply pinch as much as you need and wrap it around the pill to hide it completely! In addition to visually hiding the pill, it also masks the unpleasant smell. This is very important, because dogs have an amazing sense of smell, so it's easy to see how they may be quickly turned off by medication. With a chicken liver flavor that dogs love, Pill Wrap not only smells great, it also tastes great! 

This vet formulated product is especially helpful when your dog needs to take many different medications multiple times a day, like after surgery. The dough-like consistency won’t stick to your fingers, leave any residue, and it won’t dry out. Simply use as much as you need, re-cap the canister, and it’s ready for the next time you need it.

Developed specifically to reduce the difficulties and stress associated with administering medication, Pill Wrap will make your life a little easier, while keeping your best friend happy and healthy.

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If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian, as they have examined your pet, know the pet's health history, and can make the best recommendations for your pet.

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