Helping a Cat Gain Weight: Ready Cal High Calorie Powder for Cats

Helping a Cat Gain Weight: Ready Cal High Calorie Powder for Cats

Observing sudden and/or rapid weight loss in your cat can be upsetting and scary. 

A cat that is eating less than normal, exhibiting a loss of interest in food, or not wanting to eat at all is a clear indication that they are experiencing some sort of distress, and something is wrong.

The Top Causes of Weight Loss in Cats


An illness is considered a period of sickness that is typically resolved with proper treatment.

Common illnesses in cats include viral and bacterial infections often affecting the urinary tract and respiratory system, feline HIV, as well any form of gastrointestinal problem that results in vomiting and/or diarrhea. 


Unlike an “illness”, which is defined as a period of “sickness”, a “disease” is considered a condition that has a definable cause, is not curable, and needs to be managed. 

Common diseases in cats include diabetes, kidney, liver, and heart disease, feline leukemia, as well as other types of cancers.

It also includes non-treatable types of infectious diseases, including rabies. 

Acute Pain

Whether due to illness, disease, or injury, a cat experiencing pain may lose interest in food, and even stop eating altogether.


Don’t forget to test your pet for intestinal parasites that rob the body of necessary nutrients, causing weight loss.


This includes any stimuli that may cause a cat to experience stress, including ANY changes in their daily routine. 


Just like us, as cats age, their body has a natural slowing of metabolism, resulting in a decrease in appetite.

Signs Your Cat is Not Getting Enough Calories 

When a cat is not taking in the appropriate number of daily calories, they will begin to lose weight. But weight loss is only one indication of an underlying problem. Inadequate nutrition impacts all areas of a cat’s health, from the physical, to the mental.

Physical Changes 

Weight Loss: This is the #1 indicator of a deficiency in calories and nutrition. 

Mobility Issues: When cats lose weight, they may also exhibit mobility issues, additionally exacerbated by muscle loss.

Skin and Coat: Inadequate nutrition can cause hair loss, make the coat dull, and lead to more frequent grooming, often resulting in digestive issues and frequent hairballs.

Behavioral Issues

These can occur before someone even realizes their cat has lost weight. This can easily happen with long-haired cats, making weight loss less noticeable.

No matter the cause, a cat suffering from poor nutrition may not be interested in the daily activities they once enjoyed. They may disengage and begin to spend more time alone.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Losing Weight? 

When a cat is rapidly losing weight, acting quickly to diagnose the underlying cause is extremely important. 

But sometimes it can take time to get a vet appointment, especially now, as vets are dealing with unprecedented staffing issues, and closing their doors at alarming rates. 

So, unless you have an acute situation, or an emergency, you may be forced to wait.

But what if your cat continues to lose weight, further compromising their health?

Don’t waste time, boost their caloric intake as quickly as possible!

Ready Cal High Calorie Powder Supplement for Cats 

While already having highly successful high calorie gel, we set our sights on creating an even more palatable form of the high-calorie product, this time, in a powder form!

What's Unique About Ready Cal Powder? 

“Everything! There is nothing on the market like this product, and we are confident it will save MANY lives, which is the entire reason we developed it.” -Founder and President, Kyla Sternlieb

Ready Cal High Calorie Powder is a one-of-a-kind supplement developed to quickly provide calories and nutritional support when a cat is losing weight.

It’s essential, and at times even critical to quickly provide calories in order to stop further weight loss, and promote weight gain. 

  • Made with a savory rotisserie chicken taste that entices cats to eat, while stimulating appetite, and boosting energy.
  • This highly palatable powder formula is so easy to use, just sprinkle over your cat’s food, or mix with warm water to create a delicious gravy. (Seriously, it’s as good as Grandma’s!)
  • Contains 9 vitamins and 6 minerals to aid in restoring overall health.
  • Contains 20 calories per scoop. 

UTW strives to create easy to use, vet-formulated products that address important pet health issues using all-natural ingredients, free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and dyes.

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If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian, as they have examined your pet, know the pet's health history, and can make the best recommendations for your pet.

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