Valentine’s Day is all about showing your appreciation for the ones you love. Who’s on you’re A List? Your spouse/partner, your children, your parents and, mostly likely, your family dog! Oozing with unconditional love for you day in and day out, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your special relationship with some very special acts of love your dog will love. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have a Movie Night Together. Find a fun dog-themed movie and invite your pooch up on the couch for a night of snuggling and TLC. Make the night special with his favorite fuzzy blanket and some dog-safe snacks. Quality time snuggling with you and your partner will be a slice of heaven sure to please, as long as your partner understands that the dog gets the middle seat!
  • Give Your Dog a Soothing Massage. Dogs get sore, stiff and tense too. Pick up some dog massage pointers on YouTube, turn down the lights, play some peaceful music and put your fingers to work. The experience will strengthen the bond with your dog and take your stress level down a few notches as well. Hopefully this Zen experience will become part of your weekly routine.
  • Take a Hike on Your Dog’s Favorite Trail. Is there a place you walk where your dog shows extra excitement? That’s the place to take your dog for a walk for Valentine’s Day. Just the two of you out for a romantic stroll. Give him your undivided attention – no cell phone, distractions, thinking about work or other stresses. Full attention, including some praiseworthy commentary along the way, will be a day for both of you to remember!
  • Cook Up Some Special Homemade Treats. The Internet is full of healthy treat recipes you can bake for your special pooch. Find a few and make a night of it. Don’t forget the heart-shaped cookie cutters! Spread the love with your other dog friends by making up little gift bags of treats with To/From tags personalized with your dog’s name. His furry friends will love his gift made with love!
  • Turn Off the TV and Tune into Your Dog. After a night of watching the latest reality shows or sitcoms, do you truly feel fulfilled? Try a night without TV and become the director of a fantastic night of playtime with your pooch. Get down on the floor and get crazy. Roll around, be goofy, play with his favorite toys, let him lick your face and give him belly rubs. In short, let him know how much you enjoy his companionship!
  • Go Shopping for a New Toy. Take your dog to your favorite pet supply store to pick out a new toy. Thanks to inclusive pet store policies, your dog can sniff out his favorite toy while checking out the other dogs and polishing up his social skills. Win, win and win!
  • Book a Getaway Weekend Together. Do a little research to find dog-centric vacation getaways and book a mini-vacation that focuses on your dog. Maybe it’s a dog camp or a dog theme park, but make sure it’s a dog’s paradise!         (Related Blog:  Fido Friendly Vacations)

Your dog is the perfect Valentine all year long, so show him just how much he means to you on Valentine’s Day. Let him know that his unending love isn’t taken for granted, and that you love him right back.

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