Are things a little stale in the dating department? Does your shyness hold you back from starting up conversations with some interesting prospects? Maybe a pooch can help break the ice for you and bring out some of your best qualities to that certain someone.

Naturally, we don’t propose that you adopt a dog just to get a date. Heavens no! But if you’ve been on the fence about getting a dog, there may be some added benefits to your social life. If you already have a dog, you may already be experiencing Fido’s magnetic attraction to people you meet at the park.

Need proof? A survey of more than 1,200 pet owners found that not only do dogs make people more attractive to those who may be date-worthy, but also that women are less likely to date someone who shares that they don’t like pets. Here are six ways your pooch can benefit your dating life:

More Chance Public Meetings. One of the best ways to increase the chances of meeting Mr./Ms. Right is to get yourself out in public more often. Walking your dog is the perfect way to increase the odds of a chance encounter with interesting, like-minded people. After all, you wouldn’t want to start up a relationship with someone that doesn’t connect with your dog, so this is the perfect way to screen people right off the bat. Try taking Fido to a local dog park or spend some time hanging out on a pet-friendly restaurant patio.

A Trusted Judge of Character. Your faithful dog can help you screen your dates. When you bring a new prospect home to meet your pooch, does he show welcoming behavior or does he look put off and wary of this new person? Watch for any red flags and trust his body language. Dogs are very intuitive and protective of their owners. Let your dog help you decide whether this person gets a thumbs up, or thumbs down.

Increased Physical Fitness. The increased exercise you will get with a dog will pay off by making a better, healthier you. And, being more fit raises the likelihood of being more attractive to a potential partner. Your state of mind will be more positive, and you’ll shine with more confidence. Taking your dog for twice daily walks and a playful romp in the park will attract other pet lovers.

Connection with Other Dog Owners. Online dating websites today are anything but generic. The latest trend of niche dating sites like enables pet lovers to seek out fellow dog owners for a casual relationship, or one more romantic in nature. Sites like this are also a great way to discover dog-friendly mixer events in your area so you and your dog can discover new friends.

Upgraded Social Profile. Whether you pursue your romantic interests through dating websites or social media, studies have shown that your profile picture will gain more interest if you include your dog in the picture. So, find your favorite picture together, or snap some new ones, and flaunt your special relationship with your dog.

Built-In Mood Booster. Along the dating path, you will likely experience a breakup or two from a person you really cared about. Your dog can help you bridge the pain without going to a local tavern or other destructive behavior. Dogs can read your mood and will find a way to comfort you through these periods. A snuggle on the couch, bringing you your favorite slippers or his favorite toy will put a smile on your face in no time. Such a faithful companion will remind you that you are not alone in life, and it’s time to move on.

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