If you see your dog eating grass or losing interest in eating, he’s probably got an upset stomach. The cause may be something mild like eating something out of the garbage, or it may be something more serious such as an illness. Get to the heart of the matter and take steps to get your pup back to his happy, playful self!

Possible Causes

One of the most likely causes of an upset stomach is a change in your dog’s diet. It might be that he ate something outside or from the garbage, or it may be just a change in dog food brand or flavor. New foods should be transitioned in over several days. Each day, give less and less of his current food while increasing the new food until you are feeding 100% of the new food after about a week. If food isn’t the reason, your dog may have an illness and a trip to the vet may be in order.

Another possible cause may be dehydration. Puppies are especially susceptible to getting dehydrated. If you notice your dog has diarrhea and is not interested in eating or drinking, this may be the first sign of dehydration. One way to check is pinching your dog’s skin on the back of his neck and releasing. If the skin returns to the normal flat position quickly, then he is probably not dehydrated. But if it stays in the pinched position, you’ll want to address this quickly as dehydration can become very serious.

What to Check For

It’s very important to keep your dog hydrated, especially if they are experiencing diarrhea. Water alone may not be enough at these times. Your dog also needs electrolytes and vitamins to retain fluids. One answer may be using Pedialyte – either liquid version using a syringe to feed your dog, or dry version mixed with water and then fed to your dog. If your dog does not improve within 24 hours, be sure to get to the vet quickly. Dehydration that continues could lead to possible organ failure or even death.

Check your dog’s temperature by using a rectal thermometer. Your dog’s normal body temperature should be around 101.5° F. A temperature over 102° F is considered to be a fever. Anything above 102° or lower than 99° F requires a trip to the vet or animal hospital to find out what’s happening.

Natural Remedies

Eating grass is the natural way to cleanse out their system. Its purpose is to make your dog vomit and clear out whatever is causing his upset stomach. But this may not do the trick for him or he may not feel like eating grass.

When your dog has an upset stomach, or shows signs of digestive upset like vomiting or diarrhea, vets often recommend feeding a “bland diet” until their digestive system heals. The purpose of a bland diet is to give your dog’s digestive system time to settle down until healthy digestion is restored. It’s not meant to be a long-term food option, but only until your dog can be weaned back to his normal diet.

When your vet says to go home and make chicken and rice or take a can of a bland diet from their office, you now have another option. Under the Weather® makes a line of freeze dried bland diets that requires only adding boiling water. It offers pet parents convenience from having to run to the grocery store and cook … and it eliminates the harsh preservatives found in a canned option.

Keep Under the Weather® bland diet products on your shelf for the next time your dog gets an upset stomach or has vomiting or diarrhea.

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