TESTIMONIAL: The antidote to an antibiotic-related upset stomach

TESTIMONIAL: The antidote to an antibiotic-related upset stomach

Kona was a transport dog from PAWS NELA, in Louisiana. I adopted him last August. He is about 2 years old, and a love of a dog! He lived in 2 different shelters down south for over a year, and the minute he came up to the Humane Society of Chittenden County, I fell in love with him (working at HSCC, we get to see the dogs before they are even put up for adoption)! 

Over Easter weekend he got a bad cut in his leg and had to be on antibiotics for weeks (the cut kept re-opening due to the placement on his back leg). Kona is a very smart dog, and after a week of pilling him with peanut butter, special wet food, pill pockets, etc. he still would figure out how to avoid eating the pill! And he also didn’t want to eat his regular food, and was vomiting due to an upset tummy from the combination of not eating and the antibiotics! Even my friends could tell that Kona wasn’t feeling well, he was low energy and he honestly looked sad! 

I called the vet, and they recommended a bland diet to settle his stomach. Aha- Under the Weather it is! Kona has never been super into his meals in general. When I presented the bowl full of rice and chicken to him (with the antibiotics hidden inside!) he wolfed it down faster than I’d ever seen before! He absolutely loved it and devoured every last piece of rice! His stomach settled down quickly. I wish I could feed Kona Under the Weather food for every meal!

~ Kylie D

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