Look out, here come the holidays! With Thanksgiving upon us next week, it’s a good time to be mindful of potential dangers your beloved dog may incur. Let’s look at some ways to “dog proof” your home for common Thanksgiving hazards.

  • Keep them away from the countertops and stove. The smells are incredibly tempting at Thanksgiving, and some dogs may try pulling things off the counters. Not only could they be severely burned, a knife or sharp fork could come tumbling down! Keep them away from the hot stove and burners. Your pooch could get severely burned or his hair could catch fire by a hot burner.
  • Safely dispose of the turkey string and foil. The string or plastic part used to hold the turkey legs closed are often set aside randomly, but these can fall on the floor and get eaten by your pets. Any plastic wrappers, aluminum foil, strings, etc. should be placed in a covered trashcan to prevent your dog from needing life-saving surgery.
  • Monitor the fireplace. Keep your pets away from the fire if they don't have a cover. They love the warmth, but it can lead to a disaster. Also make sure your fire and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.
  • Keep table scraps out of reach. Some dogs handle table scraps with no problems, but the gravy is very rich and could make them sick. Small breeds can be even more sensitive and develop a disease called pancreatitis when given high-fat meals. If you offer them anything, keep it to small amounts of meat without gravy and cooked vegetables.

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  • Safely discard bones. Bones can be very dangerous to dogs. They can get stuck in their throat or make tears in their digestive system. Be sure to put them in a covered trashcan!
  • Take special care with candles. Any room takes on a wonderful ambiance with lit candles, but only use them if you are around to supervise the activity in that room. Pets can easily knock over a burning candle, causing burns or house fires.
  • Beware of liquid potpourri. This is another commonly used item during the holidays. While they give off a delightful aroma, they can be very caustic to the gums and throat if swallowed. A spray or plug-in air freshener may be a safer alternative.

With these reminders, we wish you all a safe and glorious Thanksgiving holiday. And, just in case you can’t resist and give your dog some table scraps, just know that a dish full of human food can cause havoc on your dog’s digestive system.

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