Pet Costumes and Pro-tips for Halloween 2020

Pet Costumes and Pro-tips for Halloween 2020

Halloween, just like pretty much everything else in 2020, will look very different this year. Because of the risk of spreading Covid-19, the CDC advises against trick-or-treating. 

Even though many towns have canceled the traditional trick-or-treat, some are finding inventive ways to create new traditions. Some of the best ideas we’ve seen include, Halloween costume parades, self-serve trick-or-treat candy stations, candy hunts, and an even more challenging option, a Halloween scavenger hunt! All activities that can be enjoyed by people and pets alike!

So, just because we can’t go door to door, doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up, and that includes costumes for our family pets! Dressing up dogs and cats for Halloween has been a rising trend in the pet industry over the last decade, with Americans spending nearly half a billion dollars on pet costumes in 2019.

Whether you buy a pet costume, or make your own, getting our furry friends into the Halloween spirit is a great way to have some family fun!


Dog and Cat Costume Guide 

If you are lucky enough to have a pet who does not mind a more elaborate costume, there are some great options online or in store! However, many pets understandably find them too restrictive. Trying to convince a fussy cat to dress in a full fairy princess get-up will probably prove futile! 

Our Under the Weather Pet office dog LOVES wearing scarves and sweaters, but anything on his head is ripped off immediately, and anything on or near his feet? Just forget it! Most pets fall into this category, being ok with some stuff, and not with others. But don’t worry, because there are still lots of comfortable options for festive pets on Halloween!

Creative and Cute Dog and Cat Halloween Costumes

1. UPS Delivery Driver Dog & Cat Costume

Your canine or feline will deliver all the goods in this adorable UPS costume! Find it now on

2. Monkey’s Carrying Bananas Halloween Costume

This adorable costume gives your dog or cat a pawtner in crime.  Get the look on

3.  Formal Dog & Cat Tuxedo Costume 

Your pet will be voted best dressed in this swanky costume! Suit up at

4.  Snail Dog & Cat Costume

A unique and adorable costume for your lazy cat or dog! Find it on 

2020 Trending Costumes For Dogs and Cats

  • Shark 
  • Bread Cat 
  • Stegosaurus Dinosaur 
  • Wonder Women 
  • Tiger 
  • Octopus 
  • Red Lobster 


DIY Pet Costumes

Even if you do not consider yourself crafty, there are tons of easy dog costumes or cat costumes you can create using everyday items and some very basic supplies! It’s a fun, interactive activity for the whole family, and if your pet enjoys wearing clothes in general, they will delight in all the attention!
With a little imagination, and sites like Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration, the possibilities are endless!

Easy DIY Dog and Cat Costume Ideas

There are many things you can attach to your pet’s shirt, coat, or harness to create a cute costume like: 

  • Bat Wings
  • Shark Fin
  • Flower Petals
  • Butterfly Wings

Collars are also great for attaching things like: 

  • A cape
  • Shirt collar and tie
  • Festive scarves or bandanas
  • Bowties

And don’t forget about the all the costume accessories you can create using a simple headband like a: 

  • Witch Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Chef Hat
  • Pirate Hat
  • Devil Horns
  • Angel Halo
  • Bunny Ears
  • Crown/ Tiara
  • Unicorn Horn


Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Candy Safety

As we all should know by now, chocolate is poisonous to dogs, and can be deadly. Learn the symptoms and what to do if you suspect your dog has been poisoned in our blog, Did Your Dog Steal The Halloween Candy?

Of course, even if it’s not chocolate, candy in general is high in fat and sugar and can wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive system, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. Being prepared with the right products like our Bland Diets and Ready Balance can save you a lot of aggravation, and perhaps even a trip to the vet. 

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Costume Safety

If you decide to dress your pet up, the best way to keep them safe is to monitor them the entire time they are in their costume. This is because they could potentially become entangled in the fabric, or other parts of their costume, which could lead to injury.
Do not use any small items on their costume that they might ingest. Cats, for instance, love to eat strings and ribbons, which is extremely dangerous, and can be deadly.
And of course, always be extra mindful of where your pet is, not just on Halloween, but during any holiday. Any time there is increased action in and around your home, there is a greater risk of pets getting loose and go missing.

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Practice these simple pet safety guidelines for a happy, healthy, WICKED fun Halloween!

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