Cats are built to eat several small meals each day. If your cat starts missing those meals, it can cause physiological problems, so this is not a situation that can be ignored hoping it will return to normal.

If you suspect this non-eating is due to a health issue, make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible. If you don’t think it’s a medical issue, you can take other actions first, but your cat should be taken to a vet within 24 hours if more than 2-3 days has passed since their last good meal.

If you choose to try a few ideas before going to the vet, start a journal noting the amount your cat is eating, what food he is favoring, his weight and energy levels.

To start, you would want to rule out any problems with the food itself. If you switched to a new food or changed the feeding location, try going back to what your cat liked in the past. If you opened a new bag of the usual food, something may be wrong with that batch and a good retailer should let you exchange it. If the food has been open for over a month, it may be starting to go bad and could need replacing.

Tempt your cat with something they may find irresistible. Most cats love the aroma that comes from canned food warmed to body temperature, around 100° F. You can also try a small amount of canned tuna or baby food. Petting a cat when they show interest in food encourages some cats to eat.

If none of these tips seems to be working, you will want to get to the vet for a physical examination. Your vet may find signs of dental health disease or feel an abdominal tumor. A more complete medical workup including lab testing or x-rays may also need to be done before a diagnosis can be made.

While following your veterinarian’s recommendation, you may also consider a simple gel supplement to introduce the necessary vitamins, minerals, calories and essential fatty acids they are not getting from their food. It’s a way to ensure they are getting the necessary nutrients to keep their energy levels up and keep them from losing dangerous amounts of weight. Such a product, called Ready Cal, is offered from Under the Weather®. It can be fed to cats of all ages and comes in a dial-a-dose for accurate feeding levels.

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