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Probiotic Powder & Anti-Diarrhea Bundle For Cats

This powerful duo will help promote healthy digestion, soothe your cat’s upset stomach and quickly stop diarrhea. Bundle & Save: Normally priced at $31.98!

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Vet Formulated
Supports Gut Health
Contains Live Bacteria

Anti-Diarrhea Liquid For Cats:  Having a poo-tastrophe? Our vet formulated Anti-Diarrhea Liquid helps to quickly firm stools and soothe your pet’s upset stomach. Tummy troubles are no match for Kaolin and Pectin, which help reduce gas and diarrhea by absorbing bacteria and toxins from the intestinal tract. Helps alleviate discomfort, irritation and cramping associated with diarrhea in cats. Manufactured without artificial flavors or dyes. Made in the USA. 

Probiotic Powder for Cats: Support your cat’s normal appetite, digestion, and immune system. Containing one billion colony-forming units (CFU) of live (viable) bacteria, when given daily, this easy-to-use probiotic powder supplement will aid in promoting and maintaining proper balance of beneficial bacteria needed for a healthy immune system. Veterinarian-formulated and manufactured in Vermont, our Cat Probiotic Powder is free of corn, artificial flavors and dyes, and has a great chicken liver taste your kitty will love!